Illustrator Palette, It Holds More Than Just Color!


It is difficult to lump all that the Palette can do into one little explanation, but I will do my best to be as concise as possible.


As I mentioned in my 1 Minute Illustrator Overview post, the Palette is…well, a lot like a painting palette, only it does much, much more! You can change the color:

Illustrator Swatches PalatteIllustrator Color Palette

But you can also change the stroke (or outline) size:

Illustrator Stroke Palette


And maybe one of the most important, adjust layers. Layers are very important in all the Adobe programs. Basically, if your Illustrator document were a painting, it would allow you to peal off layers of paint and change colors or make other adjustments without damaging the painting! Wouldn’t that be awesome if you could do that with regular paint!?

Illustrator Layers Palette

A lot of the adjustments found in the Palette can be found in the Option Bar, but the nice thing about the Palette is that it doesn’t ever move or change. You can also add or remove Palette items as you find the need.


Again, this is a VERY QUICK outline for the Palette. These are the things I wish I knew when I was getting started.


If you want a more comprehensive rundown, check out my free Graphic Design in Illustrator introduction video tutorials.


More Illustrator run-down to come next week! But in the mean time, what did you think? Does this make sense? Comment below!