Photo Assignments

A LONG list of photo assignments designed for high school aged students.

Taking pictures every week is important in a photography class...obviously... 

Anyway, in this unit, students will learn to take pictures with a variety of techniques and themes. 

NOTE: each lesson plan will have an accompanying blog post for students to read here: I'll be adding a new article every week throughout the fall semester of 2017.

Lesson Resources

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  • Lesson Plan (PDF)
  • Photo Assignment List (PDF)
  • Week 2 Example for Avoiding Mergers (JPEG)
  • Week 2 Example for Balance (JPEG)
  • Week 2 Example for Framing (JPEG)
  • Week 2 Example for Simplicity (JPEG)
  • Week 2 Example for Rule of Thirds (JPEG)
  • Week 3 Example of Birds Eye View (JPEG)
  • Week 3 Example of Eye Level (JPEG)
  • Week 3 Example of Worms Eye View (JPEG)
  • Week 4 Example of Good White Balance (JPEG)
  • Week 5 Example for Macro Mode (JPEG)
  • Week 6 Example of Diagonal Line (JPEG)
  • Week 6 Example of Vertical Line (JPEG)
  • Week 9 Example of Deep DOF (JPEG)
  • Week 9 Example of Shallow DOF (JPEG)
  • Week 11 Example of High Contrast (JPEG)
  • Week 11 Example of Low Contrast (JPEG)
  • Week 12 Example of Pattern (JPEG)
  • Week 13 Example of Texture (JPEG)
  • Grade Sheet (PDF)